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A Nontraditional Holiday Approach

When it comes to Christmas music, the population seems to have varying reactions.  There are people who love it and think it embodies a good time of year.  But there are also people who (understandably) get tired of hearing some of the same songs over and over again.  For the most part, I consider myself […]

Stories in a Song

I delve into and enjoy music primarily via some type of relatability.  Sometimes it’s a theme that I connect with my personal life, sometimes it’s a theme that I connect with the lives of people around me, and sometimes it’s even something that I connect with a fictional story.  Regardless of the source, though, it’s […]

Rapping Reclamation

Among the other works of Nicki Minaj, “Here I Am,” from her debut 2010 album Pink Friday, is less energetic and poppy; its minor key contributes to the subdued nature of the song, in spite of the presence of a consistent beat.  However, even if it feels mellow sonically, its lyrics contain an immense sense of empowerment and […]

Song Recommendation: “Into The Fire” by Falls

When I explored Falls previously, I honed in mostly on Omaha, their first full-length album, since that was most of what I’d heard up until that point.  After having explored their debut EP Into The Fire in-depth, however, I feel the need to discuss them again, specifically in the context of the title track of […]

Song Recommendation: “Back To Me Without You” by The Band Perry

One of the most common themes in music is that of a relationship gone awry.  It’s certainly difficult to qualify it much without conducting research on the matter, but you’d probably be hard-pressed to get through five songs on any radio station without hitting at least one song along those lines.  Some take a positive […]