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Comic Cadence

This past weekend, I finally finished the webcomic Homestuck.  To those of you unfamiliar with it, that probably doesn’t mean much, but its intimidating page count exceeds 8,000 and its word count is over 800,000, making it feel like a feat.  This is in addition to the fact that I originally caught up to where […]

Artist Highlight: Falls

I haven’t been to nearly as many concerts recently as I would like to have, as someone who loves the concert atmosphere and the thrill of hearing your favorite songs live.  Fortunately, last weekend I was able to change that as I saw The Hush Sound on their Like Vines 10 Year Anniversary Tour. Although […]

Artist Highlight: Joshua Hyslop

I’ve been to a fair amount of concerts in my life; certainly I’m aware that plenty of people go to far more concerts than I do, but I’d consider myself to be in about the middle ground between someone who’s hardly been to concerts and someone who attends every concert they can.  Naturally, this has […]