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Road to Nowhere

A recent happenstance led me to stumble upon Find Me, a collaborative project between singer Robbie LaBlanc and producer Daniel Flores.  The two have converged, with Flores taking on keyboards and drums, alongside Sören Kronqvist (keyboards) and Philip Lindstrand (guitar and bass) to form a compelling and energetic melodic rock band.  LaBlanc’s powerfully moving vocals […]

To Begin Again

As a passionate fan of Imogen Heap’s music, her debut album, I Megaphone, has always been very compelling to me.  Known primarily for music that’s elegant and atmospheric, overflowing with screaming emotion but presented through gentle, breathy vocals, her raw and unfiltered beginnings as a 20-year-old artist with a slight Alanis Morissettte vibe come as […]

I Could Love You

I was surprised and elated a few weeks ago to find an email in my inbox informing me that Summer Underground had released a new song.  The indie-pop duo, consisting of Grant Carey and Chrissy Sandman, found its way into my heart last year and only seems to root itself more firmly in there over […]

Coming Back For More

There’s something about “Right On Back To You,” a song by Keith Urban from his 2010 album Get Closer, that’s always stuck with me since I first got the album, shortly after its release.  Clocking in at close to 5 minutes, the soft country-pop melody has such a soothing and reassuring quality to it that […]

Musical Journeys

An underappreciated piece of the concert experience is the journey, in those cases where you need to go some distance to get there.  It can be a time to get excited, listening to the artist’s music on the way, or a space in which to discover an amplified love for that music in the post-concert […]

“To Err is Human”

In a few days, we’ll see the ending of 2017 and the dawn of a new year.  New Year’s resolutions will be thrown around by those looking to improve their lives, to find what’s been lacking this year, to fix bad habits they knew have long-since needed ridding.  Personally, I’ve never been a much of […]

“Staying in Love”

I find that there’s always a special kind of love for that first song that you heard from an artist.  Even if your appreciation of it is ultimately dwarfed by the other music you go on to discover—and nine times out of ten, that’s how it goes for me—there’s a special connection with that initial […]

Taking It All In

Probably the primary reason I’ve always cited for my love of the game Mirror’s Edge is its incredible atmosphere; something about the art style, perspective, and the entire world in which it takes place makes it feel uniquely immersive.  What really completes the atmosphere in both the original and its sequel/reboot, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, however, […]

Melodic Memories

I find that many artists, for me, are primarily grounded in a sense of nostalgia.  That isn’t to say that my love for them is only based on nostalgia—though I believe that nostalgia is as valid an emotion as any to fuel your love for media, particularly music—but if I listened to an artist in […]


Ever since I came upon the honest music and haunting vocals of Canadian singer-songwriter Ché Aimee Dorval, I’ve anxiously awaited the chance to hear new solo music from her beyond her album Underachiever and her EP Volume One.  News of an album in the works has been trickling in for months now, but it was […]