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Cut To The Feeling

There’s something so unspeakably fantastic about jamming out to a catchy pop song, and few artists can do that type of music quite as well as Carly Rae Jepsen.  The extreme popularity of “Call Me Maybe” at one point overshadowed her career, but the release of 2015’s E•MO•TION has clearly shown that she’s no one-hit […]

Nocturnal Introspect

One of my favorite feelings is finding the perfect song for a car ride, long or short, day or night, alone or with company.  In general, I find that accompanying the right music with the right drive is one of the most satisfying and complete musical experiences one can have.  I have numerous driving playlists […]

The Closer I Get To You

Despite being aware of their existence and lengthy career, I can’t claim to be very familiar with most of the band Asia’s work.  While something that I intend to mend at some point in time, it’s not my focus here; rather, I want to discuss the fact that a chance encounter with their most recently released album, […]

In Defense of Love

Music is filled with a plethora of testaments to the enduring power of love, whether in the form of a specifically dedicated love song, a composition professing the fire of love in spite of hard circumstances, and many pieces that argue with the undervaluing of a certain love. “Who’s To Say” by Vanessa Carlton, a song […]

Nuclear Nostalgia

Reimagining a song can be a very volatile business, whether you’re doing it through covering, sampling, expanding, or even some combination of the three.  When people are very attached to a song or an artist, they can often take a reimagining of the original badly, and understandably so given the deep personal connections that one […]

Domestic Bliss

If you listen to a lot of music, it’s likely that you have plenty of artists that you end up falling in love with and following with dedication.  But I find that there’s a specific kind of “favorite artist” that you start to listen to and they instantly click with you, whether through a perfect, poetic composition of […]

Ever Out of Touch

It’s been a handful of years since a friend introduced me to Emilie Autumn’s music and I first heard her album Enchant, but all this time later, I still find myself blown away by the power within her song “Ever.”  The soft, piano-driven piece is calm on its surface, but beneath the flowing strings and soothing vocals […]