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Joshua Hyslop has been forging a name for himself over the past few years, touring with folk artist Passenger and opening for “A Thousand Miles” singer Vanessa Carlton.  With the passage of time and the release of two studio albums, multiple EPs, and a handful of stand-alone singles, he’s established quite clearly that he’s far […]

Post Traumatic

The music industry was thrown into mourning last year after the suicide of Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park.  While the tragic loss has of course affected fans worldwide, it’s impossible to imagine how hard it’s been for his loved ones.  But two weeks ago, bandmate Mike Shinoda released Post Traumatic EP, a fittingly […]


It’s an inevitable fact of life for bands who stick around for long enough—for some, even just long enough to release a sophomore album—that controversy is going to arise from the musical direction they’ve chosen.  Maybe it will be that they stick to what works and as a result are seen as “generic,” criticized for […]

Between The Walls And The Window

In my experience, a good album tends to do one of two things: It either establishes itself as a cohesive part of your life, or carries you into an entirely separate world.  However, more rarely, a precise combination of lyrical craftsmanship and atmospheric audio can, I believe, allow an album to successfully execute both at […]

An ‘Origin’ Story

It seems to me that Evanescence doesn’t quite get the credit they deserve.  I’m not arguing that an award-winning band is unknown or hasn’t found commercial success, but most of what I see and hear about them in regular conversation seems to revolve around the culture surrounding them, overshadowing their actual music.  They were one […]


Taylor Swift has been dealing with the baggage of her reputation for years now.  From being viewed as serial-dating heartbreaker whose every ex would be eviscerated in one of her singles to conniving snake at the epicenter of a number of public disagreements with various celebrities, she’s received more than a little criticism. It was […]

Going Back to the Beginning

If you discover an artist somewhere in the middle of their career, going back to their earliest release can be disorienting, in my experience.  Some artists start off in a place that I love and never stray, but with others I’ll find that I could speak endlessly in favor of every single one of their […]


After five years, a plethora of legal battles, and rehab for an eating disorder, party-pop icon Kesha finally returned last week with a new album, and the lack of her dollar sign stylization isn’t the only thing that’s changed since 2012.  Whether you’ve been listening since “TiK ToK” dropped or are new to her music, […]


I recently took a road trip with some friends, and as with any good road trip, accompanying it was music aplenty.  Much of that music was mutually appreciated among the three of us, but I came back from the trip with more new music to dig into than a person should. Probably the most significant […]

Lust For Life

Lana Del Rey’s constructed a musical career in her first four albums with smoky vocals, toxic nostalgia, fantastical romance, and crushing sadness; her frequently ethereal-sounding compositions are contrasted with unexpectedly coarse language, the dreamlike atmosphere of the instrumentals somehow perfectly accented by trip-hop beats and flawlessly backing the tragedy of the lyrics. If you’re still […]