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Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

It’s been two years since Halsey stormed the pop scene with her debut album Badlands, and she returned to the scene two weeks ago with her second full-length release, hopeless fountain kingdom.  As much of a juggernaut as she started off as, that’s a hard reputation to maintain, which begs the question: Will hopeless keep her in the […]

Gone Now

It’s been three years since Strange Desire marked the advent of Bleachers, the solo venture of Jack Antonoff.  You may know him from Steel Train, as the guitarist of fun., or perhaps from his number of collaborations, with artists like Taylor Swift, Sia, and Grimes, but with Bleachers he set out to establish a name for himself, […]

One More Light

If there were ever a band that seems to be subject to a bizarre insistence that they should never change, it’s Linkin Park.  They gathered a strong following with their nu-metal sound in their debut Hybrid Theory, and ever since their sophomore release, there have been cries of selling out and demands by die-hard fans to […]

After Laughter

Four years ago, Paramore made waves with their self-titled album, a fresh start for them after the departure of founding members Zac and Josh Farro.  Last week, after a turbulent hiatus, the rock band returned with After Laughter, an ’80s nostalgia trip akin to the ones taken in recent history by artists like Taylor Swift, Carly […]


Young is the debut full-length album of indie-pop artist Overcoats, in which the duo—made up of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell—constructs a uniquely atmospheric and mellow journey filled with harmonies and electronic beats, clearly establishing themselves as an artist to keep an eye on. The album begins with “Father,” a minimalist, sub-2-minute track that’s light […]

Branching Out and Moving Forward

Take a moment to recall what your life was like in 2003.  How different are things now, fourteen years later?  How has all that time changed who you are as a person and the things that you do? These are questions I’ve been turning over in my head with the release of Hopeless Romantic, Michelle Branch’s fourth […]

Fierce Mercy

Colin Hay started his career with fame as the frontman of Men At Work, but his solo career since the band’s dissolution has spanned thirty years.  Yet with his thirteenth solo album, he’s still creating music that’s full of so much fresh feeling and life that his latest release may well be his best one to […]