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Bringing The Past To ‘Live’

Today marks Vanessa Carlton’s second live release and the follow-up to October’s Liberman Live, this one entitled Earlier Things Live.  As the name would suggest, the EP includes live recordings of songs prior to her most recent studio release, 2015’s Liberman. The 6-track EP, clocking in at about 26 minutes, includes her first two albums’ […]

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The Kids From Yesterday

With the volume of music that I listen to, the volume of music available in the world, and the limits that I have in time and money that prevent me from exploring it as thoroughly as I’d like, I frequently wind up behind the curve, picking up on artists and albums ages after they’ve come […]

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An Underachiever in Name Only

As someone who listens to a large variety of music and is always on the lookout for more, I have a large queue of songs, artists, and albums to look into, either because I learned about them on my own or had them recommended to me.  Unsurprisingly, this often results in me taking months or […]

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A New Era For Jimmy Eat World

When you’re a band like Jimmy Eat World, creating new music to captivate fans can be tricky.  After more than two decades together and eight studio albums to date, attempting to surpass the quality of their established work in addition to the inevitable impact of nostalgia is a task that’s borderline impossible.  The band’s 2013 […]

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Gaga’s Back, With A Twist

Seven years after entering spotlight, Lady Gaga has released her fourth full-length solo album, Joanne, beginning a new era of her musicianship.  Following years of controversy over music videos, religious imagery in her lyrics, and bold fashion choices like the infamous meat dress, this era is a shift, and that’s immediately evident from the simplistic album […]

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Album Review: Astoria by Marianas Trench

Ever since their 2009 release Masterpiece Theatre, Marianas Trench has been constructing concept albums that make use of melodies that recur throughout and circle around in the final track to reference the whole album.  It makes listening to their albums an extremely interesting experience, and one that cannot be properly appreciated through a single listen. […]

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Album Review: Homage by Bootstraps

Some people tend to be incredibly turned off by covers that drastically vary from the original, but my mentality is that, love it or hate it, a cover that sharply contrasts with the original is the kind most worth going for, and the kind most worth hearing. This is a theory that I think is well-proven […]