Monthly Archives: May 2016

Song Recommendation: “In The End” by Vanessa Carlton

Most of the time, listening to music can be a pretty passive, casual thing.  Sure, there are more complex pieces, and in the right setting with the right song, you may be singing and dancing along, but I feel like music, on average, requires less direct attention most of the time. Every so often, though, […]

Song Recommendation: “Flight” by Casualties of Cool

A criticism of music that’s never quite made sense to me is when someone says that it “puts them to sleep.”  Sure, on a basic level I understand that that’s supposed to indicate that the music is boring, and for people who only enjoy listening to particularly energetic music it would make complete sense, but […]

Song Recommendation: “Time Alone” by Joshua Hyslop

I’ve spoken about “Time Alone” previously in my artist highlight on Joshua Hyslop, but as a song that’s one of my favorites by Joshua Hyslop and of all time, and has been a song I’ve been listening to a lot for months now, I feel it merits a dedicated post. In spite of the somewhat-humorous […]

Song Recommendation: “Back To Me Without You” by The Band Perry

One of the most common themes in music is that of a relationship gone awry.  It’s certainly difficult to qualify it much without conducting research on the matter, but you’d probably be hard-pressed to get through five songs on any radio station without hitting at least one song along those lines.  Some take a positive […]