Monthly Archives: August 2016

Song Recommendation: “Littlething” by Jimmy Eat World

It can be hard to hear criticisms of your favorite music, whether because the music is just that important to you or because the negative remarks feel baseless and unfounded, completely in contrast to your enjoyment of the music.  It also can leave you wondering why this wonderful music that is so significant and masterfully […]

Song Recommendation: “Home” by Vanessa Carlton

There are songs that I fall in love with and forget about, only to come back to them after a while and wonder how I managed to forget about them.  But every so often, I come upon a song that I love so much that listening to it for the first time in a while […]

Artist Highlight: Falls

I haven’t been to nearly as many concerts recently as I would like to have, as someone who loves the concert atmosphere and the thrill of hearing your favorite songs live.  Fortunately, last weekend I was able to change that as I saw The Hush Sound on their Like Vines 10 Year Anniversary Tour. Although […]

Song Recommendation: “Epilogue: What If” by Emilie Autumn

As I’ve expressed before, I’m very much a fan of mellow, pensive (and often sadder) music, as is evident by the fact that much of the music I write about here is of that nature.  But admittedly, there is a wonderful feeling about listening to happier music and finding an emotional bond with a song that’s […]