If I say the name Anthony Head, there’s a reasonably good chance that “musician” isn’t going to be one of the associations that comes to your mind. You’re most likely to recognize him as an actor, one who’s played a plethora of roles but is probably best known for his seven-year role as Rupert Giles […]

It’s always compelling to find out where musical artists got their start, particularly if they wound up becoming a superstar; after all, how does someone go from average person to a musician whose name is on the lips of massive crowds?  Who were they before superstardom, and where did their music start? This is a […]

It’s always a disappointment to see a talented artist or band step down from a musical career, but perhaps even more disappointing is when, rather than going out with a booming statement, they fade into the night without a word, and you’re left wondering if they might make a return someday. Singer-songwriter Ben Jelen is […]

Last night, Taylor Swift dropped “Look What You Made Me Do,” the lead single to her upcoming sixth studio album Reputation, which is set to release on November 10th. Swift first teased us on Tuesday, posting three videos of a snake on social media, evidently a response to her reputation of being a snake and […]

After five years, a plethora of legal battles, and rehab for an eating disorder, party-pop icon Kesha finally returned last week with a new album, and the lack of her dollar sign stylization isn’t the only thing that’s changed since 2012.  Whether you’ve been listening since “TiK ToK” dropped or are new to her music, […]

I recently took a road trip with some friends, and as with any good road trip, accompanying it was music aplenty.  Much of that music was mutually appreciated among the three of us, but I came back from the trip with more new music to dig into than a person should. Probably the most significant […]

I’ve previously expressed my love for albums, but I’ll reiterate that, whether or not an album was precisely constructed with a strong sense of cohesion in mind, I find a lot of value in the full album format.  I say this especially in the age of digital music where you can easily cherry-pick the songs […]