Taylor Swift has been dealing with the baggage of her reputation for years now.  From being viewed as serial-dating heartbreaker whose every ex would be eviscerated in one of her singles to conniving snake at the epicenter of a number of public disagreements with various celebrities, she’s received more than a little criticism. It was […]

I find that many artists, for me, are primarily grounded in a sense of nostalgia.  That isn’t to say that my love for them is only based on nostalgia—though I believe that nostalgia is as valid an emotion as any to fuel your love for media, particularly music—but if I listened to an artist in […]

If you discover an artist somewhere in the middle of their career, going back to their earliest release can be disorienting, in my experience.  Some artists start off in a place that I love and never stray, but with others I’ll find that I could speak endlessly in favor of every single one of their […]

While I’ve never found concerts themselves to be anything less than exciting and wonderful experiences, I spent quite a bit of my life not fully understanding the appeal of live recordings.  For some people, I know the draw lies in the energy of the performance, but that’s never come through for me outside of direct […]

Ever since I came upon the honest music and haunting vocals of Canadian singer-songwriter Ché Aimee Dorval, I’ve anxiously awaited the chance to hear new solo music from her beyond her album Underachiever and her EP Volume One.  News of an album in the works has been trickling in for months now, but it was […]

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve rather suddenly found myself listening to—and seriously enjoying—the works of Jimmy Buffett.  I’ve resisted my desire to discuss his music with much depth, because writing about his older works feels redundant given its notoriety, and my knowledge of his decades-long career is not extensive enough for a […]

When I was a high school senior, I adopted a pretty aggressive policy of refusing to have shame about my music tastes, which meant that I began to openly acknowledge my love of music that I never would have previously have admitted to enjoying.  It resulted in more than a few discussions on the subject, […]