Musical artists shifting to a new style can be an incredibly controversial move.  I feel it is pretty safe to say that most artists end up doing so—no matter how significantly—over the course of their careers, just because it comes naturally from making music for a long enough period of time.  Often, such an action […]

Today marks Vanessa Carlton’s second live release and the follow-up to October’s Liberman Live, this one entitled Earlier Things Live.  As the name would suggest, the EP includes live recordings of songs prior to her most recent studio release, 2015’s Liberman. The 6-track EP, clocking in at about 26 minutes, includes her first two albums’ […]

I listen to a lot of music in a lot of genres, and you’d be hard-pressed to pull a “favorite” out of me.  But there are a few very specific genres that I’m particularly fond of, one of which being the early-2000s female-vocalist pop-rock in the style of artists like Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch.  […]

From the moment Anchor & Braille announced the title of their most recent effort—the 2016 album Songs For The Late Night Drive Home—I was incredibly eager for its release.  Truthfully, I would’ve been eager regardless, given my love for all of their work, but the concept put forth within the title drew me in further. […]

I’ve been thinking a lot, of late, about the impact that music can have through its lyrics, particularly with that impact amplified and shaped by instrumentation, chord progression, and vocal timbre.  I strongly believe that there is power in pure instrumentals, as previous posts on here can attest to (including last week’s), but there is […]

It’s astounding how you often find new music to listen to in the most unusual places.  With music surrounding us on a daily basis, between being in commercials, in TV and movies, in other people’s MP3 players or car radios, and on social media, there’s so much that you tune out.  Yet, one of those […]

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With the volume of music that I listen to, the volume of music available in the world, and the limits that I have in time and money that prevent me from exploring it as thoroughly as I’d like, I frequently wind up behind the curve, picking up on artists and albums ages after they’ve come […]