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Feeling So Low

    Music that expresses intensity subtly, through powerful lyrics and a perfectly executed instrumental piece, can be very powerful, but admittedly there’s something extremely energizing and cathartic about songs that are upfront about their intensity, that don’t hold back in their aggression and unleash it musically as well as lyrically. I think that’s what […]

The Perfect Heart’s Length Away

British singer-songwriter Imogen Heap never fails to impress me.  With her creative sampling of everyday sounds that she seamlessly blends into her work, her frequent use of unusual instruments, her gorgeous, breathy vocals, and her honest and poetic lyrics, she’s created an impressive collection of music between four full solo albums, multiple singles, and a variety […]

Rapping Reclamation

Among the other works of Nicki Minaj, “Here I Am,” from her debut 2010 album Pink Friday, is less energetic and poppy; its minor key contributes to the subdued nature of the song, in spite of the presence of a consistent beat.  However, even if it feels mellow sonically, its lyrics contain an immense sense of empowerment and […]

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A New Era For Jimmy Eat World

When you’re a band like Jimmy Eat World, creating new music to captivate fans can be tricky.  After more than two decades together and eight studio albums to date, attempting to surpass the quality of their established work in addition to the inevitable impact of nostalgia is a task that’s borderline impossible.  The band’s 2013 […]