Monthly Archives: January 2018


It’s an inevitable fact of life for bands who stick around for long enough—for some, even just long enough to release a sophomore album—that controversy is going to arise from the musical direction they’ve chosen.  Maybe it will be that they stick to what works and as a result are seen as “generic,” criticized for […]

Organized Chaos

As one might gather from the fact that I have a music blog like this that I keep up with regularly, I am incredibly devoted in my love of music, and it manifests itself in many different ways. One of those is my dedication to constantly broadening my horizons while also looking to consume and […]

Coming Back For More

There’s something about “Right On Back To You,” a song by Keith Urban from his 2010 album Get Closer, that’s always stuck with me since I first got the album, shortly after its release.  Clocking in at close to 5 minutes, the soft country-pop melody has such a soothing and reassuring quality to it that […]

Musical Journeys

An underappreciated piece of the concert experience is the journey, in those cases where you need to go some distance to get there.  It can be a time to get excited, listening to the artist’s music on the way, or a space in which to discover an amplified love for that music in the post-concert […]