Monthly Archives: December 2017

“To Err is Human”

In a few days, we’ll see the ending of 2017 and the dawn of a new year.  New Year’s resolutions will be thrown around by those looking to improve their lives, to find what’s been lacking this year, to fix bad habits they knew have long-since needed ridding.  Personally, I’ve never been a much of […]

“Staying in Love”

I find that there’s always a special kind of love for that first song that you heard from an artist.  Even if your appreciation of it is ultimately dwarfed by the other music you go on to discover—and nine times out of ten, that’s how it goes for me—there’s a special connection with that initial […]

Between The Walls And The Window

In my experience, a good album tends to do one of two things: It either establishes itself as a cohesive part of your life, or carries you into an entirely separate world.  However, more rarely, a precise combination of lyrical craftsmanship and atmospheric audio can, I believe, allow an album to successfully execute both at […]

Taking It All In

Probably the primary reason I’ve always cited for my love of the game Mirror’s Edge is its incredible atmosphere; something about the art style, perspective, and the entire world in which it takes place makes it feel uniquely immersive.  What really completes the atmosphere in both the original and its sequel/reboot, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, however, […]

An ‘Origin’ Story

It seems to me that Evanescence doesn’t quite get the credit they deserve.  I’m not arguing that an award-winning band is unknown or hasn’t found commercial success, but most of what I see and hear about them in regular conversation seems to revolve around the culture surrounding them, overshadowing their actual music.  They were one […]