Monthly Archives: September 2016

Song Recommendation: “Into The Fire” by Falls

When I explored Falls previously, I honed in mostly on Omaha, their first full-length album, since that was most of what I’d heard up until that point.  After having explored their debut EP Into The Fire in-depth, however, I feel the need to discuss them again, specifically in the context of the title track of […]

Song Recommendation: “Wish You Well” by Joshua Hyslop

Hopefulness and optimism in music often walk a fine line; perhaps it’s just because of how I personally think, but a lot of music instilled with optimism just reaches too far for me, and even if I enjoy the song on other merits, it lacks the quality to truly cheer me up.  It can be […]

Song Recommendation: “Brown Eyes” by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s made waves on the pop scene lately with her new song “Perfect Illusion,” the single prefacing Joanne, which will be her first solo album release since ARTPOP dropped nearly three years ago.  I can’t say I’ve been equally pleased with each of her releases, but since she hit the scene I’ve enjoyed her […]

Song Recommendation: “Moonlight” by Thriving Ivory

It never ceases to amaze me how, purely through the use of various sounds and instruments, music can imitate atmospheres and bring scenarios to mind.  There are obvious instances of this with instruments that imitate certain sounds like rain, but oftentimes I come across songs that bring about an atmosphere through inexplicable means. It’s not entirely […]

Album Review: Astoria by Marianas Trench

Ever since their 2009 release Masterpiece Theatre, Marianas Trench has been constructing concept albums that make use of melodies that recur throughout and circle around in the final track to reference the whole album.  It makes listening to their albums an extremely interesting experience, and one that cannot be properly appreciated through a single listen. […]