Monthly Archives: July 2016

Song Recommendation: “Introspect” by Anchor & Braille

Ever since its 2009 release, Felt by Anchor & Braille, the side project of now-former Anberlin leadman Stephen Christian, has stood out to me as a unique album experience.  Part of that is because that was just before I really started branching out with my music, and so the atmospheric, acoustic rock/folk was an entirely new […]

Song Recommendation: “Goodnight Song” by Tammany Hall NYC

One of the things I love about music is that it’s possible to discover new music through so many different means, and the source of it shapes how I feel about the song, album, or artist in some way.  For example, if a good friend has introduced me to a song, I’ll associate the song […]

Song Recommendation: “Me The Machine” by Imogen Heap

I find it incredibly powerful when a piece of music can execute a lighthearted, upbeat mood while having accompanying lyrics that are of a different nature, generally a sad one.  I’m not entirely sure why that is; it may just be the contrast, or the artistry involved in making those two moods work together.  But […]

Song Recommendation: “Hotel Paper” by Michelle Branch

Often, love songs look at a taken subject and encourage them to dump their significant other to instead be with the narrator.  It’s something that I find difficult to deal with; sure, there are real-life situations wherein somebody is in a relationship that isn’t good for them or that makes them unhappy, and it’s fair […]

Song Recommendation: “Impossible Year” by Panic! At The Disco

Sometimes, I find myself listening to a song again and again, and it’s not until a good number of listens that it finally clicks with me exactly how much I enjoy the song.  Sometimes it’s because it’s something I’m listening to passively, perhaps just hearing it from somebody else, and sometimes it just seems to […]