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“True” Fans

There’s a sort of plague that seems to exist in circles surrounding almost everything in the world that one could theoretically enjoy, where elitist factions try to define who has “earned” the right to be called a fan of it.  To say it exists more prominently in any one medium than another would probably be inaccurate (not […]

Lyrical Potency

I’ve been thinking a lot, of late, about the impact that music can have through its lyrics, particularly with that impact amplified and shaped by instrumentation, chord progression, and vocal timbre.  I strongly believe that there is power in pure instrumentals, as previous posts on here can attest to (including last week’s), but there is […]

The Right Album at the Right Time

Recently, I was reading a review of an album that really emphasized the idea of subjectivity in enjoying music and how coming upon music at just the right time can trump all other factors.  I’ve touched on how much subjectivity I find there to be in music before, but this idea of “finding the right […]

The Value of Reflecting On Music

A little less than three years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of personal music charts.  At its most basic level, personal music charts are just your personal version of the Billboard music charts.  Every week, you think about which song goes first, second, third, etc.  The exact criteria for how […]

Initial Reactions to Jimmy Eat World’s “Damage”

This is a first as far as what I’ve written on here so far, but I’m a huge Jimmy Eat World fan, so I thought I’d do a more informal analysis of my personal feelings about the album shortly after release. Granted, “initial reactions” is a bit of a deceiving term, since I took advantage […]

Music Nostalgia

When it comes to a discussion of anything, I feel like a very common argument used against those who prefer older movies, games, etc. is that they are “blinded by the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia.” As a whole, I disagree with that mindset.  Not only does it often rule out the chance that somebody legitimately […]

Music Negativity

Music is such an amazing, wonderful thing.  It’s like one of the few universal things that humans have. Honestly, music is one of the few things even I keep relatively consistent over time.  I have a hard time agreeing with a lot of my thoughts and opinions up until high school.  The same even goes […]