Monthly Archives: July 2013

Top 5 Songs: The Week of 7/26/13

5. “Setting Sail, Coming Home” – Darren Korb Despite being quite the video game aficionado, I don’t often have significant appreciation for music outside of the video game setting.  Don’t get me wrong, I have significant appreciation for many video game soundtracks, but most of the time, instrumental music doesn’t affect me the same way […]

Top 5 Songs: The Week of 7/19/13

5. “An Ending (Ascent)” – Brian Eno This is by far the most unique song I think I’ve covered on this blog so far, and despite being only #5 as far as my music for this week goes, it’s one of my favorite songs of all time.  That’s a lot to say for me, given […]

The Right Album at the Right Time

Recently, I was reading a review of an album that really emphasized the idea of subjectivity in enjoying music and how coming upon music at just the right time can trump all other factors.  I’ve touched on how much subjectivity I find there to be in music before, but this idea of “finding the right […]

Top 5 Songs: The Week of 7/12/13

5. “Heavy” – Midnight Cinema There was bound to be some Midnight Cinema in my top 5 this week, since Midnight Cinema is the return of one of my favorite bands, Thriving Ivory (sans one member).  But this song in particular is a great example of why I was excited in the first place.  The […]

Back and Thriving Again

When it comes to music, the only thing more agonizing than waiting for a new album from a favorite band is finding out that there will be no more new albums. That’s been the sad truth for nearly two years when it comes to one of my favorite bands, melodic-rock group Thriving Ivory.  That is, […]

Top 5 Songs: The Week of 7/5/13

5. “Lost!” – Coldplay Although this song (like much of the rest of the album) has a sort of unhappy mood to it, I really love the fact that it’s one of those songs that says, “Things aren’t going right, but it’s not always going to be that way.”  I feel like more songs tend […]