A Departure

Just under two years ago now, I started up a regular, weekly schedule for writing in this blog, not having any real idea of where it was headed. I can’t really say that it developed a particular direction over these past couple of years, either, but it certainly has given me a great deal of enjoyment, establishing a place for me to write about one of my favorite things in the world as well as more critically examine all of my music.

This is the last post I plan to make here for the moment, however. That’s not a guarantee by any means, and I hope I do come back to it one day, but as other things in my life have picked up that take precedent, I want to officially set this aside to focus on other endeavors. I’d rather do that than see the quality of my work deteriorate, or wordlessly have it fall by the wayside; I prefer to commit all the way and bow out when I can’t invest that same effort anymore.

For all of you who have read my posts to any extent, and especially those who have taken the time to speak to me in the comments, I’m so appreciative of you taking the time to read my musical ramblings. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed them, and possibly even found some new music through them or at least seen a different side of something you already loved.

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