Monthly Archives: March 2016

Song of the Week: “Losing It All” by Anberlin

Something that I always love is getting some insight into the artistic process behind the music I enjoy, whether that’s piecing together the lyrics, the music itself, or the thought process behind it all.  That’s one of the reasons I find the Anberlin Lyrics blog, set up by Anberlin lead singer Stephen Christian, to be […]

Song of the Week: “Not Enough” by Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne’s fourth album, Goodbye Lullaby, seems to have been hit-or-miss for a lot of fans. It was a big hit for me, personally, but it’s certainly understandable that not all felt that way. While some may appreciate the return to a more introspective sound after the poppy energy of The Best Damn Thing, Lullaby […]

Back For More

It’s been some time now since I posted here consistently, but I’ve been itching to get back into expressing my thoughts about music through writing, and to do so in a more formal and regimented manner.  So I’ve decided I’m returning to it.  That’s something I’ve said before (about a year ago, in fact), but my […]