Monthly Archives: May 2017

One More Light

If there were ever a band that seems to be subject to a bizarre insistence that they should never change, it’s Linkin Park.  They gathered a strong following with their nu-metal sound in their debut Hybrid Theory, and ever since their sophomore release, there have been cries of selling out and demands by die-hard fans to […]

After Laughter

Four years ago, Paramore made waves with their self-titled album, a fresh start for them after the departure of founding members Zac and Josh Farro.  Last week, after a turbulent hiatus, the rock band returned with After Laughter, an ’80s nostalgia trip akin to the ones taken in recent history by artists like Taylor Swift, Carly […]


Young is the debut full-length album of indie-pop artist Overcoats, in which the duo—made up of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell—constructs a uniquely atmospheric and mellow journey filled with harmonies and electronic beats, clearly establishing themselves as an artist to keep an eye on. The album begins with “Father,” a minimalist, sub-2-minute track that’s light […]

Nocturnal Introspect

One of my favorite feelings is finding the perfect song for a car ride, long or short, day or night, alone or with company.  In general, I find that accompanying the right music with the right drive is one of the most satisfying and complete musical experiences one can have.  I have numerous driving playlists […]