Road to Nowhere

A recent happenstance led me to stumble upon Find Me, a collaborative project between singer Robbie LaBlanc and producer Daniel Flores.  The two have converged, with Flores taking on keyboards and drums, alongside Sören Kronqvist (keyboards) and Philip Lindstrand (guitar and bass) to form a compelling and energetic melodic rock band.  LaBlanc’s powerfully moving vocals are akin to that of an ‘80s rock star, but the project as a whole is an effective blend of engaging guitar riffs, catchy rhythms, and emotional execution.

Though their debut album Wings of Love is full of gems, one of its many highlights is its opening track, “Road to Nowhere.”  It comes from a rumbling, atmospheric start to reach a point of aggressive, guitar-laden resolve in a story of moving forward and letting go of someone.  The song possesses a certain grim determination, a struggle against internal hesitation and the certainty of the correct path with a musical drive behind it all.

From its intriguing intro to its musical build throughout, perfectly accented with LaBlanc’s vocals, “Road to Nowhere” is simply an incredibly enjoyable song that’s hard not to rock along with.  It’s only the very beginning of what Wings of Love has to offer, but it’s a perfect introduction to it all, and definitely worth checking out.

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