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Song Recommendation: “State of Grace” by Taylor Swift

I’m a pretty big fan of Taylor Swift’s music as a whole, and I find that each of her albums has something unique to offer, but Red is the album of hers for which I have the strongest appreciation. Recently, I’ve found a new level of love for “State of Grace,” the opening track of […]

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Album Review: Homage by Bootstraps

Some people tend to be incredibly turned off by covers that drastically vary from the original, but my mentality is that, love it or hate it, a cover that sharply contrasts with the original is the kind most worth going for, and the kind most worth hearing. This is a theory that I think is well-proven […]

Song Recommendation: “Be Sensible” by Jimmy Eat World

It never ceases to surprise me the musical masterpieces that end up as B-sides, often lost in relative obscurity due to availability only in certain countries or through very specific deluxe editions of an album. I bring this up because “Be Sensible” by Jimmy Eat World, a B-side from their 2008 album Chase This Light, […]

Artist Highlight: Joshua Hyslop

I’ve been to a fair amount of concerts in my life; certainly I’m aware that plenty of people go to far more concerts than I do, but I’d consider myself to be in about the middle ground between someone who’s hardly been to concerts and someone who attends every concert they can.  Naturally, this has […]

Song of the Week: “Encoder” by Pendulum

Sometimes you come upon music at precisely the right time.  That’s what happened to me five years ago when I got the album Immersion by Australian-British drum-and-bass band Pendulum, and came upon the last song on the album, “Encoder.”  At this point, I was very near a significant change in location and companions in my life; […]