I Could Love You

I was surprised and elated a few weeks ago to find an email in my inbox informing me that Summer Underground had released a new song.  The indie-pop duo, consisting of Grant Carey and Chrissy Sandman, found its way into my heart last year and only seems to root itself more firmly in there over time.  And really, what’s more exciting than to find that you suddenly have a new song from a favorite artist?

Unsurprisingly, the upbeat and poppy “I Could Love You” has quickly worked its way into my heart as well.  Like much of More Than A Friend, Less Than A Lover—the album from which “I Could Love You” is a B-side—it’s a song about romantic tension and almost love; it edges toward the possibility of romantic fulfillment and potential chemistry, declaring, “I don’t know about you / But I feel an energy.”

With a steady beat backing the band’s signature soft piano, and peppered, lively synths that add an electronic twist, the song has an utterly carefree feeling that evokes an image of the early stages of falling in love, of two people who are destined to come together soon and are just waiting for it to happen.  Carey provides the primary vocals, while Sandman supplies harmonies in key places to amplify the emotion and emphasize that two people are falling in love together, bringing the story to life.

It’s not a song of cryptic lyrics and complex chord progressions, but that’s where its value lies; “I Could Love You” is light and fun, full of anticipation, and overall a pleasant listening experience.  Summer Underground yet again proves their aptitude for writing beautiful, unassuming songs about life, adding another great song to their catalog.  Give it a listen on their bandcamp page.

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