Song Recommendation: “Back To Me Without You” by The Band Perry

One of the most common themes in music is that of a relationship gone awry.  It’s certainly difficult to qualify it much without conducting research on the matter, but you’d probably be hard-pressed to get through five songs on any radio station without hitting at least one song along those lines.  Some take a positive spin, some take a negative one, and some just look at the facts, but regardless of the angle or any other factors, there is by no means a shortage of them.

The multitude of options doesn’t keep me from enjoying that type of song by any means.  Every so often, though, I stumble upon a song of this nature that particularly stands out in spite of the similar theme, and “Back To Me Without You” by The Band Perry is just such a song, describing a situation not just of a broken heart, but an entirely lost sense of self.

Even as the song starts off with descending piano chords, there’s something poignant about it.  Its sound slowly crescendos to accompany the lyrical drive and determination to “get back to me without you,” but throughout, the lyrics make it clear that this drive comes from desperation and hurt.  Truthfully, it is the string of powerful lyrics that make this country-pop ballad what it is, describing the aftermath of a disaster of a relationship.  From lines like “If it’s true home is where the heart is / I guess now I’m homeless” to “I want someone who knows me just to say my name / To tell me though things are different now, somehow I’m still the same,” the song is full of emotional lyrics.

The song never goes into much detail, but it is clear that the narrator really cared about the subject of the song, and the end of it all was so badly that it resulted in a trauma of sorts.  This could be viewed as a byproduct of an abusive relationship or simply a deep, emotional scarring, but the result is powerful nonetheless; so powerful, it seems, that the narrator wants to go through all sorts of impossible things just to take it back, to start over and take back the damage.

Whether personally relatable to you or not, the song is so full of emotional, well-written lyrics accompanied by instrumentals that echo the feeling perfectly that it’s worth a listen.

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