Fantastic Folk Stylings

It’s been some time since I spoke of the honest, warm folk music of singer-songwriter Joshua Hyslop.  I feel compelled to break that silence, however, due to the recent release of his single, “Fall,” a stunning composition that bears all the qualities that made me fall in love with his work in the first place.

The lead single from his forthcoming album—as-yet untitled, currently only defined by the promise of a 2018 release date—“Fall” maintains the core sound that defines Hyslop’s music while simultaneously setting itself apart, the marker of a new chapter in his discography.  It speaks of hope, taking its four-minute runtime to encourage, offering a message of support and determination in the face of difficulties.  Hyslop himself said to Spill Magazine that the song is “about hanging onto hope in the face of the uncertain.”

This message is shaped by the music; soft, dulcet vocals are amplified by a subtle echo, the gentlest acoustic guitar acting as the backdrop.  The progression of the song brings in tambourine as an accent, while each measure is punctuated by a single, resonant beat of a bass drum.  This, along with the graceful croon of violin, doesn’t fall far from Hyslop’s usual style, but something about the subdued reassurances and calming, gorgeous melody feel so fresh.  Though I’d expect nothing less from Hyslop with the high standard he’s set for himself, “Fall” is a clear illustration of the heights he intends to continue aspiring to as his career progresses.

If you’d like to experience this for yourself, give “Fall” a listen below:

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