Thriving Ivory is Back

A lot of things can cause a band to break up, from creative differences to personal disagreements to simply feeling like it’s time to move forward.  For melodic-rock band Thriving Ivory, it was an awkward record label transition that left them powerless to put out new music—that is, until they eventually parted ways with their old record label, leading them to finally release their first piece of music since 2010 this week.

Best known for their hit single “Angels On The Moon,” they put out two studio albums before their record label stagnancy left them splitting up in 2011, seeking other creative pursuits.  In 2013, this gave life to the band Midnight Cinema, who over the following few years would put out two EPs and an album before their dissolution.

Despite every appearance of Thriving Ivory being gone for good, they resurfaced on social media last summer, with founding members Clayton Stroope and Scott Jason eventually making it known that the band was back and would be releasing new music.  They debuted their first single as a reformed band—“See You”—on a live webshow at the end of August, and this Tuesday, it officially dropped for all to hear, download, and stream.

Their return to the scene bears evidence of seven years of growth and development, with “See You” living in a pop-rock realm with electronic elements, straying from their former sound.  That’s not to say that it isn’t still a Thriving Ivory song at its foundation; among its electronic drumbeats and synths remains their trademark piano foundation, in addition to Stroope’s distinct vocals, which are as powerful and passionate as ever, most notably in his poignant harmonizing toward the song’s close.  The energetic anthem of encouragement lets instrumentals take a backseat in the verses, where droning bass and subtle synths layer behind the setup for the song’s reassurances to the downtrodden and discouraged (a staple theme within Thriving Ivory’s catalogue).  The choruses are bursting with energy, with Stroope’s repeated proclamations of “I can, I can see you” guaranteed to leave the song stuck in your head after only a listen or two.

The band has yet to announce definitive plans from here, but they’ve reassured fans that a full album is forthcoming and a tour is in the works.  With this song to kick all that off, they’ve set a high standard; it’s not easy to thrive under the pressure of releasing music for the first time in seven years, but they’ve certainly done just that.  Take the time to listen to “See You” and brace yourself for what the band has in store.

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