Nocturnal Introspect

One of my favorite feelings is finding the perfect song for a car ride, long or short, day or night, alone or with company.  In general, I find that accompanying the right music with the right drive is one of the most satisfying and complete musical experiences one can have.  I have numerous driving playlists filled with hundreds of songs, all of which for different purposes, but on this occasion, I’d merely like to tackle one song that I incidentally discovered is the perfect one for a quiet night drive home: “Tonight” by Joshua Hyslop.

The closer to Hyslop’s 2015 album, In Deepest Blue, “Tonight” is a soft, introspective indie-folk composition.  Leading off with delicate, deep vocals, it slowly delves into fears of isolation and abandonment, pondering if someone will be there when in you’re in need of help.  The pleas are powerful, particularly backed by acoustic instrumentals and a mild drumbeat, careful violin accompanying its guitar strumming.

After the first verse, Hyslop’s vocals increase in pitch, reflecting his uncertainty and emotion.  This most clearly comes through in the second verse, where he ponders, “No man is an island, but maybe some are stones / And the water wears them down until they are alone,” bringing about a subversion of a cliché that’s particularly emotional in its contemplation.  After another chorus, the song turns to vocalizations as the instrumentals pick up, eventually fading out before resuming to close out the song on same pattern with which it began.

Though “Tonight” lends itself particularly well to a night drive, my recommendation is by no means contingent on whether or not you hear it in that environment.  Its calming strums and dulcet vocals make it a powerful musical experience, whether you’re having fears of loneliness or are just looking for a soothing listen, and I cannot recommend it enough.

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