The Closer I Get To You

Despite being aware of their existence and lengthy career, I can’t claim to be very familiar with most of the band Asia’s work.  While something that I intend to mend at some point in time, it’s not my focus here; rather, I want to discuss the fact that a chance encounter with their most recently released album, 2014’s Gravitas, resulted in exposure to the excellent prog-rock ballad, “The Closer I Get To You.”

Over the song’s nearly seven minute duration, it details the struggle of trying to get through to somebody who puts up walls and won’t communicate among melodic keyboard, soft guitar, and a purposeful drum rhythm.  At its choruses, the keyboards flare up among frantic drum patterns and echoed electric guitar.  John Wetton’s vocals drop from soft and contemplative to a powerful depth of desperation, and after a second chorus, a dramatic guitar solo sends the song off into one final chorus as it slowly fades out.

It’s a powerful song that, while it may take some time to build enough to truly catch your ear, proves its worth throughout.  From its calm reflections to its intense confliction, it contains a powerful and steady flow of emotion that makes it worth your while.

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