Soothing Sounds

I don’t talk about much instrumental music on here.  Mostly, that’s because I don’t hone in on instrumental music much in my personal listening, since a significant piece of music for me is attaching to the lyrics and relating to them or finding some emotion in the story that’s being told.  That’s not to understate the power of purely instrumental pieces, however; it may be harder for me to find instrumental pieces that stick with me than it is for me to find lyrical ones, but when I find one, it’s always uniquely impactful.

Possibly my favorite source of instrumental pieces is within the ambient works of Brian Eno, and specifically my favorite of the ones I’ve explored thus far, his 1983 release Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks.

The album was originally created as the soundtrack for a documentary titled For All Mankind (though not every track on the album made it into the final cut of the film).  Among its 12 tracks are a mixture of ambient pieces and more melodic ones, the latter category making up a handful of the most calming, peaceful songs that I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing.  Among these is “Silver Morning,” which, while not even my favorite of the bunch, is a soothing and beautiful piece nonetheless.  It’s one of the more traditionally musical tracks on the album, with steel guitar used in a country-and-western-style instrumental piece.

Clocking in at about 2 and a half minutes, “Silver Morning” is short and simple, but contains an amazingly light, peaceful timbre.  Primarily residing in bass notes, the softly strummed guitars fade in and create an optimistic atmosphere in the song’s melody.  Accurately titled, its sound is reminiscent of happily waking up in the early morning, basking in the glistening sunlight filtering through the window and able to wake up freely, without a care or responsibility burdening you for the day.

Ironically, despite its early morning atmosphere, the calming nature of the song makes it a perfect composition to which to fall asleep.  But regardless of how you choose to listen to it, “Silver Morning” is a gorgeous escape from whatever stress and frustrations the world might have to offer you.  Truthfully, I have a hard time imagining that words could do any song from this album justice, but certainly give it a listen and see for yourself.

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