Artist Highlight: Falls

I haven’t been to nearly as many concerts recently as I would like to have, as someone who loves the concert atmosphere and the thrill of hearing your favorite songs live.  Fortunately, last weekend I was able to change that as I saw The Hush Sound on their Like Vines 10 Year Anniversary Tour.

Although The Hush Sound played a fantastic show and I could certainly talk about that, in a similar vein to my discussion of the last concert I attended, my focus here is not on the headlining band.  Instead, I want to focus on the opening band, Falls.  The Australian duo, consisting of Melinda Kirwin and Simon Rudston-Brown, played a beautiful set of honest, indie-folk music, primarily taken from their first full-length album, Omaha (with one song taken from their debut EP, Into The Fire).

As I reflected with my discovery of Joshua Hyslop, it’s rare that I hear an artist for the first time in an opening act and immediately know I want to buy their music.  However, by a song or two into their set, that was the case with Falls, and with each song that resolve strengthened for me.  From the poignantly harmonized “Oh my God”s in the hopeful “Summer” to the raw honesty of the mournful “Independence Day” and the passionate energy of “Beating Hearts,” I found myself falling in love with each song they played.  Their simple live setup of acoustic guitar and vocals, plus tambourine and harmonica where appropriate, really brought to life their stripped-down but energetic and emotional style of music.  Their collaboration on vocals is also a nice touch, with Simon being the primary vocalist on some tracks and Melinda on others, but both of them working together to harmonize, filling out each piece.  That’s not even to mention the relatable, heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics found in each song.

Though it would’ve been difficult to pick out any particular favorites from their set at the time, the highlight of their catalog for me after listening to their work for the past week has been “Nothing Ever Comes My Way,” a piece with a light mood despite its downtrodden lyrics about being stuck thinking on hard times.  Even as I heard it for the first time live, I fell in love with one set of hopeful lines among the struggles represented in the rest of the song: “One thing that’s for certain / is all the tough times are worth it / if I get to spend just one good time with you.”  Filled out with guitar and piano in the studio version, it’s an upbeat but emotional piece that I can’t stop listening to.

In general, my discovery of Falls through this concert is something I’m extremely grateful for, and I’m glad I was able to meet Melinda and Simon after the show to tell them how much I enjoyed their set.  The genuine emotion, gorgeous harmonizing, and calm, softness to their music is something that instantly made me fall in love.  If you haven’t heard them yet, I sincerely recommend looking into Falls.

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