Song Recommendation: “Impossible Year” by Panic! At The Disco

Sometimes, I find myself listening to a song again and again, and it’s not until a good number of listens that it finally clicks with me exactly how much I enjoy the song.  Sometimes it’s because it’s something I’m listening to passively, perhaps just hearing it from somebody else, and sometimes it just seems to be that I’m not listening closely enough to the melodies or the lyrics.

Whatever exactly the cause, I experienced this in the past week with “Impossible Year” by Panic! At The Disco, from their most recent release, Death of a Bachelor.  The closing track of the album, “Impossible Year” is an emotional, soft ballad full of hopeless lyrics, sung by Brendon Urie over the sound of piano and soft brass and saxophone.

The song builds, starting with mellow singing about a general bleakness of life and moving to discussing loneliness and isolation both in friendships and romance.  The song reaches a peak in bitter desperation in the bridge as Urie belts out, in one of the most powerful moments of the song, “There’s never air to breathe / there’s never in-betweens / these nightmares always hang on past the dream.”

Clearly, it’s not a song to listen to on a sunny day, but it’s a powerful, emotionally charged ballad that deserves some recognition.  I’m still confused as to how it’s taken me so long to recognize the full merits of it, but I’m glad it’s hit me now.

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  1. Favorite song from the new album right here.

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