Song Recommendation: “Flight” by Casualties of Cool

A criticism of music that’s never quite made sense to me is when someone says that it “puts them to sleep.”  Sure, on a basic level I understand that that’s supposed to indicate that the music is boring, and for people who only enjoy listening to particularly energetic music it would make complete sense, but I take issue with the phrase nonetheless because some of my favorite songs are ones that are peaceful and melodic enough to lull me to sleep.

Such is the case for “Flight” by Casualties of Cool, a blues-rock group made up of Devin Townsend and Ché Aimee Dorval.  Dorval’s soothing vocals feature on the track, with some backing vocals from Townsend.  Soft acoustic guitar establishes the peaceful mood of the track, but it is truly Dorval’s gorgeous vocal delivery, particularly in the calm beginning of the song, that makes the song what it is.

Lyrically, the song is compelling, but it’s difficult to discuss on an individual basis like this, as it is just one part of a concept album.  However, from its ambient fade-in to the crescendo later in the song and its eventual fade-out among frog croaks, “Flight” is a beautiful five and a half minutes of music.

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