Back For More

It’s been some time now since I posted here consistently, but I’ve been itching to get back into expressing my thoughts about music through writing, and to do so in a more formal and regimented manner.  So I’ve decided I’m returning to it.  That’s something I’ve said before (about a year ago, in fact), but my previous “resurrection” was more of an accompaniment to me playing around with 8tracks playlists, whereas this is a dedicated blogging effort.  Exactly how often I’ll end up putting up posts is hard to definitively state until I really start getting into it, but you should be seeing at least a post a week on here.

As for what the posts will be on, I’m primarily just looking to discuss what music I’m particularly passionate about at the moment. That may come in the form of discussing an artist I’m really into right now, an album I’ve been listening to a bunch of (or in its entirety) all week, or (and this is likely what a lot of it will be) a song that has stood out the most during that particular week. I may also find ways to branch out every now and then to talk about broader topics of music or perhaps some current events that are affecting music, but that’s the concept that I have for this reboot of sorts at the moment.

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