Song Recommendation: “The Moment I Said It” by Imogen Heap

If there’s any artist I can go off talking about for ages, it’s Imogen Heap.  While she was also part of the electronica duo Frou Frou (whose sole album I talked about here), she’s also released three solo albums to date and is working on a third, and I’m pretty crazy about each one.

In this case, however, I’ll try to keep it fairly brief and discuss a single song.  (There will likely be a large post about her at some point, however.)  I’d like to talk about the first song I ever heard by her, four years ago: “The Moment I Said It,” the closing track of her second solo album, “Speak For Yourself.”

To this date, it’s still one of the most beautifully put-together pieces of music I’ve heard.  The song starts out very quietly, with only Heap’s voice and then a piano chord, and it continues as such, with no beat at the start.

Slowly, the song develops a sort of beat; the piano becomes more consistent and increases in volume, strings begin to accompany the piano, and Heap’s voice escalates.  Finally, it abruptly slows down into an extremely soft outro.

The escalation of the song is one of my favorite things about it.  In the end, it’s still a fairly calm and mellow song, but the way the song progresses really contributes to the emotion within it.  One bit that I think does that particularly well is toward the end, where arguing can be heard in the background, mostly indiscernible save for a man shouting “I’ll be fine!”

“The Moment I Said It” is simply an incredibly unique song, with an interesting structure and just an overall beautiful composition.  Definitely check it out.

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