Song Recommendation: “Paris” by Faith Hill

I’d like to preface this by saying that, despite Faith Hill’s notoriety as a country singer, I wouldn’t even consider this song to be country-pop, but rather a sort of straight pop style.  I say that mostly in hopes that anybody who is not a fan of country music will not be instantly turned off, though I suppose the chances of reading past the title in such a case are slim.

I love a lot of music by Faith Hill, but I’d have to say “Paris” is probably my favorite song of hers, or at least close to it.

To me, “Paris” is an incredibly tragic song, although I know it’s not actually what the song was written about (according to Gordie Sampson, the writer of the song).

The chorus of the song is the most moving part, where there are actions listed off: “I’d give this world to you / Every rock and every stone / Every masterpiece in Rome / And if you’d ask me to / I’d steal the Mona Lisa / Tear it up in little pieces / And lay them at your feet / For all the world to see.”  This all concludes with the confession, “But tonight I can’t give you Paris.”

It’s a tragic story of being willing to do anything for someone, but in the end, being unable to give them what you really want to give them.  Or at least, that’s how I choose to interpret the song.  The soft piano and strings – as well as Hill’s voice, which is very powerful – really help contribute to this sort of mood.  Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a sad, mellow song.

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