Song Recommendation: “Summertime” by Michelle Branch

I suppose it’s technically about a month early for talking about “summer” songs, but it’s been so hot recently, at least where I live, that I’m in the summer mood.

Michelle Branch is known pretty widely as a pop artist, but she had a country side-project called The Wreckers with Jessica Harp, and her most recently-released music was an EP that was along country-pop lines.

“Summertime” is probably my favorite song on that EP, which is titled “Everything Comes And Goes.”  It’s sort of a sad song, and not exactly about summertime itself so much as the memories that come along with that time of year.  Despite that, it’s one of the songs in my library that I most associate with that time of year.

It’s a very slow-paced, acoustic song, and very wistful in nature.  It’s written from the perspective of somebody remembering a former relationship and thinking about the person, and wondering if the other person ever does the same about them.

Personally, I find that it reminds me of good memories from summers past.  In general, it’s just a great song to listen to for the summer mood, even if it is somewhat sad.  You can listen to it in the YouTube video below.

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