Song Recommendation: “Hang You Up” by Yellowcard

I’ve been listening to this song today, and my love for it came flooding back to me all of a sudden, so I figured I’d share it.

Although it’s a few years old now, every time I across it in my music library, I remember all over again how emotional the lyrics are.  The sort of soft tone of the song (softer than a typical Yellowcard song, anyway) contributes to that, too.

Simply put, “Hang You Up” is an extremely expressive song in a situation where someone’s gone and you’re stuck between moving on and just being unable to do so, because they were such a significant part of your life while they were there, a situation which I must admit I’m quite familiar with.  The chorus and title of the song revolve around the concept of hanging up a picture and then taking it back down, an act I take as a metaphor for trying to move on, but over and over again deciding to “hang [them] up.”

I particularly love the second verse, most notably the lines, “I’m going to miss you every day / I turn my back on anyone who won’t believe / And it gets lonely still.”  That speaks to me about the impact that sort of situation can have on your other relationships, where you’re so stuck on this one person, and when you can’t talk about it, or somebody completely fails to understand what you’re going through, you push people away, and that just makes you even lonelier.

My favorite line of the song is probably one toward the end: “I don’t hear music anymore.”  It’s particularly sad and pessimistic, but it has so much emotion in it, and I love it.

Anyway, long story short, it’s an excellent song and definitely worth checking out.  You can listen to it through the YouTube video below.

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