Music Negativity

Music is such an amazing, wonderful thing.  It’s like one of the few universal things that humans have.

Honestly, music is one of the few things even I keep relatively consistent over time.  I have a hard time agreeing with a lot of my thoughts and opinions up until high school.  The same even goes for a lot of high school.  But I’ll be darned if I didn’t have good music tastes back then.  The first album I ever bought for myself – “So Long, Astoria” by The Ataris – is still one of my favorites.  Some of the first artists I got into are artists I’m still a big fan of today.

If music is so universal, so wonderful, why are people always so quick to be negative about it?

I understand there’s some sort of simple pleasure in hating something, particularly if other people hate it with you.  It gets to the point, though, where people are just abusive about it and go over-the-top.

Opinions are wonderful and they’re important, but the dynamic changes slightly with something like music.  Music can be an intensely personal medium, and can be very representative of a person.  Music can evoke emotions that nothing else can; music can ingrain memories; music has a power that no other medium can really have.  By insulting somebody’s music tastes, in a way, you’re insulting them personally.

Yes, Taylor Swift sings about a lot of breakups; yes, it’s often difficult to have any personal respect for Justin Bieber; yes, some rap music seems very depthless.

But you choose the music you like just as much (or little, rather) as you choose the foods that taste good to you, and it would be a lot better if people spent more time appreciating and sharing what they love instead of talking down about others’ music tastes and making them feel bad about it.  Even if you can’t see any value to a song, or an album, or a musical artist, or an entire genre, somebody out there does.

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